Greta Thunberg needs help

Greta blazed a trail, but she is now repeating herself, and she is still leaving out the same omissions.

The world has to start from Greta’s breakthrough, but how do we take it further?

Oddly enough, I agree with Greta’s decision not to get personally involved in politics. It is right that she has been able to send a clear message – to everyone.

It is not Greta’s job, but we who agree with her are getting nowhere because no government has yet acted accordingly. Why not?

Because you, the voters have never voted for them!

My strategy may not work, but as nothing else sems to be working, it ought to be tried.

In Leeds, XR activists have started doorstepping. My suggestion is that this should be done in every by-election. We need to work out the best wording, but that can be trial and error. At first, we should not be specific on policies, just a simple question:

“How serious do you think the threat of climate breakdown is?”

If what ever we decide to try persuades enough people to put a cross on a piece of paper, that could be the start of a shift inopnions, and eventually elected goverments

My wording is just a first idea. Please improve on it

But Greta is running out of steam. We need to make a start on taking forward what she says.

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