Does Boris have a (Brexit) plan?

George Monbiot brings this question sharply into focus. Thank you Jane Tims for drawing my attention to it. but If Boris does have a plan, I don’t like it.

Being foolish and acting in bad faith are not mutually exclusive. Facebook snippets circa last February suggested that the British Prime Minister’s approach to the CV19 threat was similar to that of the President of the USA –  it may be a hoax, or at least a ploy to interfere with economic priorities, which must prevail.

(I am not technologically sophisticated enough to bring these Fb posts as evidence. Readers may dismiss this as fake news if they did not see them, though perhaps readers can help?) What is certain is that plans for a then unspecified pandemic trialled in October were not implemented, even when the real threat was known..

I have discussed this problem before, on 11th July and 19th September. I drew attention to the commercial logic of the optimum neoliberal response to an incipient pandemic: let it rip briefly at first, to ensure that there is a market for preventative measures.

But George Monbiot’s exposé of the likely course of events on and after Brexit on the 1st January puts a whole new complexion on Boris Johnson’s state of mind. The enormity of reneging on an international treaty should have been a warning..  

What follows is conjecture. I do hope someone can suggest a better outcome.

The complete lack of preparation for either a pandemic – which was only matter of when, not if, and a no-deal Brexit may be sheer incompetence. But two such failures together raise another possibility.

Before serious (world-wide) food shortages occur due to climate breakdown, it would be useful to have an advance test the effectiveness of Martial Law.

Boris has just strengthened Britain’s military defences. Am I paranoid in wondering what his real reason is?

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On Monday, I shall post letters to Prince William and Sir David Attenborough, recorded delivery, pointing out the weakness of Earthshot’s plan to save the ecosphere: technological innovations without the necessary philosophical change.

I shall also be hoping to persuade others (in the media) to publicise this aspect, but it will not happen unless others do the same. I can give addresses.

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