Brexit: successful Phase 1 of neoliberal eco-crisis management

You did all realize the connection between Brexit and the eco crisis surely? Those who are piling up fortunes so that they can afford militias when there is not enough to go round need, well not exactly a dummy run, but a small outbreak of civil disorder would help to see how effective their martial law plans are.

Alarmist? According to the ‘Private Eye account of Operation Yellowhammer, soldiers with guns will be in charge of departments where they have no expertise. Perhaps that is in the ‘redacted’ clause 15, but ‘Yellowhammer’ as publicly available does anticipate civil disturbance. A no deal Brexit is a can which has been kicked down the road until December 2020.

Either the fact that immigration could not be disentangled form free movement of goods, or the Irish border question should have killed Brexit. If that did not then the coup de grâce should have been the preposterous, unnecessary situation revealed in ‘Yellowhammer’

But it has happened. Ineptness by the ‘Remain’ camp did not help, but they were outmaneovered by a determined bunch of neoliberals. It was obvious to me (caveat: I think I am Asperger’s, like Greta) that Europe was not the cause of austerity. But a clique of CEOs of transnational companies needed elected governments to be atomized, so that their boards would have a free hand to make decisions on their terms when the real crunch came – ecological breakdown,

These people have not got where the are today by being stupid, though their success is partly due to their propensity to take appalling risks. Shell and ExxonMobil did exactly the same research as the MIT, and came to exactly the same conclusion. But whereas the MIT suggested Limits to Growth, the neoliberals launched a successful campaign of denialist lies. They are in the process of bringing the entire ecosphere to its knees, but they have secured four decades of mega-profits.

Several years ago (so no link unfortunately) I heard a BBC Radio 4 programme which pointed out that elected governments would never get elected on a platform of what was necessary to save the ecosphere, because it must entail less economic activity. The suggestion was a dictatorship advised by a panel of scientists.

As things stand, I think that something along those lines is going to happen, with the CEOs of tncs forming the dictatorship. If anyone was (is) listening, I would amend the programme’s assumption to read “Elected governments will only get elected on a platform of what is necessary if there is a catalyst – a lubricant which makes that thinkable”.

Despite the foregoing, I am optimistic enough to believe that there will eventually be a world basic income. But not to begin with. What my crystal ball foresees is militias funded by the dictators to keep the rest of us under control. A basic income will only emerge because the neoliberals eventually come to the conclusion that a basic income is both cheaper and a more reliable form of preventing riots than suppression.

Pity we can’t go straight to the unconditional basic income without the need for any nastiness.


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