Stop Workfare II

The link below is to a devastating exposé of the Governments Welfare Reform Bill. It is a presentation given by Cllr Duncan Kerr, Bolsover, to Sheffield & Rotherham Green Party.

Or you tube

Although the Citizens’ Income does not appear in the presentation, I understand that Duncan did mention its relevance in the course of his talk. I have been in touch with Duncan, and he intends to give it greater prominence in future presentations.

Some things need repeating. Ian Duncan Smith has put a bomb under his own desk. Although ‘Dynamic Benefits (2009)

is the foundation on which IDS’s whole workfare edifice rests, incredibly, and clearly unwittingly, it provides the dynamite to destroy it. For details see my earlier posts on this topic, or better still, access the report itself. The report can be exposed as running away from the stark logic of the facts it outlines in the early sections, but the government’s plans have moved some distance from even those inadequate measures. Only a Citizens’ Income can be described as a ‘Universal Credit’. Duncan Kerr shows how the purported one is nothing of the kind. ‘Dynamic Benefits’ identifies means testing as a serious work disincentive. There are two possible remedies: take benefits away, or give them to everybody, and raise what it costs in taxation. Despite the ‘Universal’ rhetoric, the government have chosen the first. The second way needs to become a mainstream idea, and soon.

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